Price, Terms and Conditions


By: Diane Bickle

These 3 factors determine a satisfactory and timely sale on your home.


Your Glad Heart Realty professional will inform you of important information that affects the asking price of your home.

Factors that affect price are:

  • Are you in a buyer’s or seller’s market?
  • Is there something unique happening in your community to increase or decrease property values?
  • What is your competition (other comparable homes in your area) selling for?


Offer better terms than your competition to position your home ahead of your competition.

Some terms to consider are:

  • Have your home pre-inspected, address needed repairs BEFORE you sell.  Advertise your home as pre-inspected.
  • Place a Home Warranty on your home.  The advantages to you the seller are more than meets the eye.  The advantage to the buyer is peace of mind.  Talk with your Glad Heart Realty professional about these advantages.
  • Be prepared to pay some closing costs for the right buyer.   Buyers expect this term in today’s market.
  • What furniture, drapes, etc. will you not miss in your new home?  These items may serve as motivating factors to tie a buyer in emotionally to making an offer on your home.  Talk with your Glad Heart Realty agent about the best way to make these items attractive to a potential buyer.


Appearance is everything!  Your home should look it’s very best the day you go on the market.

Some appearance considerations are:

  • Curb appeal is paramount.  Clean flower beds, sow grass seed, edge and mow yard.  Make sure exterior paint is clean and fresh.
  • Clean walls or put a fresh coat of neutral paint on them.  This applies to woodwork and ceilings as well.  Clean and shine hardwood floors, clean carpets or replace worn carpets.
  • Clean bathrooms thoroughly – floors, walls, fixtures and tiles.
  • Clear all clutter from sight.   Take magnets off of your refrigerator and counter tops should be near bare.  Start boxing up personal affects that you will want in your next home.  Sell or give away remaining items.
  • Sell or store extra furniture so your home looks open and spacious
  • Smells really matter.  All unpleasant odors must go.  Deodorize home.

Great Curb Appeal Attracts Buyers

By: Diane Bickle

curb-appealEver seen a pretty green yard, nicely shaped flower beds and an inviting front porch?  Chances are you have seen such a house; it has a For Sale sign in the front yard.  Homeowners know that the first thing that will grab the attention of a buyer is the curb appeal of their home.

Where to start?  Step across the street from your home and look back at your home through new eyes. Pretend like you are a buyer looking for a home.  Spend a few minutes taking in the view. What do you see?  Are there any loose shingles on the roof? Is the paint peeling around windows or trim?  Are flower beds overgrown? Are gutters and down spouts in their proper locations?  Make notes of what you see and write out your plan to make the necessary improvements.

Take notice of the yards where the SOLD signs go up.  This will speak volumes in terms of what attracts buyers. It’s said that emulation is the highest form of respect. Find a yard to emulate; whether in the neighborhood or in a magazine.

KNOW THIS – You can have an amazing, shiny penny on the inside of your home. And yet, if the exterior is rough or even just boring, you will not get the traffic into your home to see that amazing upgrade or paint job.  YES, people do judge a book by it’s cover and they will judge your home by it’s exterior.

Curb appeal attracts people to want to see the inside of your home. Curb appeal sells homes for more money, in less time. A small investment of your time and money can net you the sales price you want in record time!  Get out their and work in your yard – catch some rays while you are at it, bone up on your Vitamin D too!

Curb Appeal Tips

  • Paint your exterior door a bright color that makes it pop
  • Put flowers in bright colored pots on your porch
  • Trim hedges
  • If you have vinyl siding – power wash it; if you have paint, touch it up
  • Seed and fertilize your lawn for a lush, green yard
  • Make sure your yard man edges your walks every time they mow
  • Clean up flowers beds; weed and edge them
  • Add new mulch or rocks to flower beds
  • Upgrade your light fixtures and door fixtures