Luke Bickle

Luke Bickle Headshot
Not finding the experience with large real estate franchises to be particularly helpful, we chose to create a unique agency focused on a personal and professional service to each individual client — whether you’re relocating from another country or just two streets over.

At Glad Heart Realty, we believe that the first step to a professional experience begins with personalization. If you choose to work with me, that means that you can expect an agent who listens carefully, adjusts his plan based on your needs, communicates quickly, and always goes the extra mile.

I started my real estate career back in 2001 and later moved to the South Pacific for five years, before returning to the family business. As a lifetime resident of Kansas City, I know the community quite well. When you’re looking for a home with very specific criteria, I can really help you focus your search and save time.

Quality over Quantity is what I strive to provide.
When not assisting buyers or sellers, I can be found yelling at football coaches on TV screens or hiking Tomahawk Creek Trail with my three children and little Terrier named “Elle”.
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